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Decision matrix

Evaluate options according to a grid of criteria

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Decision matrices require the reasons for our choices to be completely transparent and fully articulated.

Often the criteria will be allocated a weight commensurate with how important your team considers it to be, and this too can be very useful in getting team agreement on a particular decision.

Although a decision matrix can be used to decide amongst many options, it is recommended that because of the work involved, to limit the number of options to five or less.

The steps in the process of constructing a decision matrix are:

Step 1 Select the options to be assessed

Step 2 Select the criteria for assessment

Step 3 Simple scale: - worse than benchmark, 0 same as benchmark, + better than benchmark

Step 4 Draw up a matrix with options as column headings and criterion as row headings

Step 5 Complete the matrix by assessing each option against each criterion

Step 6 Add up scores

Step 7 Discuss outcomes

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