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Ice breaker: 10 things in common

· team,team-building

Aim: Team members are asked to find things that they have in common.

Instructions: The team is given a set amount of time to identify 10 things that they have in common. These things should not be obvious such as "we have ears" or "we are wearing shoes".

Larger teams can be broken down depending on how much time is available.

If multiple teams (e.g. a class or workshop) are doing the activity, then time should be allowed for each team to report back to the cohort. Perhaps a competitive air can be brought to the activity with a small prize (e.g. a bag of sweets) given to the team who finds the most things in common or the first to find a particular number of things in common.

Why is this useful?: This is a short activity that gets participants talking to each other and finding out about each other's character and experience. It's also very much a team exercise requiring participation from all members in order to find things in common. If run with multiple groups, the competitive element can be used to increase engagement.


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