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Intrateam conflicts

Tasks related conflict promote organizational success and prevent premature consensus

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Intrateam conflict can be defined as the process emerging from perceived incompatibilities or differences among team members.

In the past, two types of intragroup conflict were distinguished: relationship conflict and task conflict. Later on, evidence was found for a third type: process conflict.

  1. Relationship conflicts involve disagreements among team members about interpersonal issues, such as personality differences or differences in norms and values.
  2. Task conflicts entail disagreements about the content and outcomes of the task being performed.
  3. Process conflicts are disagreements among team members about the logistics of task accomplishment, such as the delegation of tasks and responsibilities.
  • Traditionally, team conflicts were regarded as a hindrance to effective team functioning. 
  • However, years and years of research have shown that relationship conflicts and process conflicts in particular have clear negative consequences for organizational success. Task-related conflicts, on the other hand, can – under the right circumstances - promote organizational success as they induce people to reconsider their suggestions, generate a variety of perspectives, and lead to more creativity and facilitate innovativeness. They can prevent premature consensus and stimulate more critical thinking.