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Philosophie du framework

Compose templates, write components managing these templates, add logic in services, and boxe the whole in modules

· angular

Angular is a framework that you can use to build applications using HTML and JavaScript/TypeScript.

Some call it a web framework as a result.

Using Angular will involve accessing the various libraries that make up the framework.

As the documentation on indicates,

"You write Angular applications by

  • composing HTML templates with Angularized markup
  • writing component classes to manage those templates
  • adding application logic in services, and 
  • boxing components and services in modules

Then you launch the app by bootstrapping the root module.

Angular takes over,

  • presenting your application content in a browser and
  • responding to user interactions according to the instructions you've provided."

If you were asked to explain Angular in a nutshell, you might say that it is a framework that simplifies the creation of

  • rich,
  • interactive,
  • client-side 

web applications, using data binding.