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Secret of high performing teams

Clearness, commitment, rules, respect, process

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1. Clearly-defined:

  • Team purpose
  • Team output product
  • Success criteria

2. First of the commitment

  • Team goal is prior to other goals
  • Personal and/or professional goals through teamwork are transparent to everyone
  • There are no hidden agendas

3. Clear rules and roles

  • Clear accepted leadership
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each one are defined
  • Conflict resolution process approved by everyone

4. Respect of each one

  • Each one has a voice.
  • Team ethic of respect for others' views.

5. Team processes and practices

  • Meetings that make good use of available time
  • Agreed timelines for outcomes.
  • Clear failures consequences for individuals (deadlines, quality disrespect)
  • Professional & collegial communication & feedback
  • Willingness to work for the good of the team(even less enjoyable parts)
  • Mutual trust in all aspects
  • Desire to continuously improve