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Team Charters: A Tool for Designing Your Team

Take time to invest in team strategy but also equal time in team charter

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Concept: formal document that specifies team roles, norms, expectations, processes, and reward/distinction,
The document specifies, for example:

  • Individual and team goals (with emphasis on creating alignment)
  • Roles and responsibilities (task and social)
  • Timelines and key milestones
  • Expectations related to meetings, attendance, and communication
  • Protocols for giving and receiving feedback
  • Rewards for performance, sanctions for non-performance

Impact of charters on team performance

  • The charter helps low effective performance strategy team to perform better than without charter.

Source: Mathieu and Rapp, Journal of Applied Psychology, 2009

  • "Our results support he assertion that the introduction of team charters do, in fact, manifest in improved intermediary process outcomes, including communication, effort, mutual support and cohesion."

Source: McDowell et al., Oragnization Development Journal, 2011