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Team roles during the project lifecycle

Starting, doing and completing project requires different roles

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There will be variation in the way different teams in different disciplines and areas approach a project but generally we know that particular team role types are essential during different stages of the project.

It does not mean that the other team members get a free ride during these stages - all team members need to be active and participate during all stages.

Starting the project requires:

  • ideas from the Plant who will have a unique vision of the end product,
  • action from the Shaper who wants to get started on the work,
  • team management by the Coordinator to move through the Storming Phase, and
  • information from outside sources supplied by the Resource Investigator.

Doing the project requires:

  • the Implementer to develop the project beyond ideas and rough sketches (tag-team with Shaper in terms of action),
  • the Monitor Evaluator to oversee and improve processes, and
  • the Team Worker to ensure that the team continues to work harmoniously.

Completing the project requires the input of:

  • the Completer Finisher to ensure that there is a quality product (tag-team with Implementer in terms of action),
  • the Monitor Evaluator to ensure processes will provide the necessary product on time and within budget; and
  • the Team Worker to continue keeping the peace.