Vincent VAUBAN, a programmer coding Java, Spring, JavaScript, Angular applications, and assigned to IT teams for industry, bank, insurance, retail. 💻📱☕

    Every day, he is coding, training, and blogging on programming languages.
    He has relevant experience in Java technology.
    He designed several REST APIs.
    He developed Java EE web applications.
    And he crafted features of Java ERPs.
    His talent is Java language programming.
    Like Java, Java EE, Jakarta EE, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring MVC, Spring Core.
    He's moving forward to be a Full Stack developer.
    He finished in January an Angular course @Orsys.
    Vincent VAUBAN is committed to continuous personal development.
    He gets regularly certificates/badges from MOOCs.
    Either in digital skills: coding, DevOps, cloud, AI, and UX.
    Or in soft skills: communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and resilience.
    He is from the university.
    He's got a Master of Computer Science and Engineering.
    Team spirit is embedded in him.
    He believes deeply in teamwork to succeed in the working world.
    And he is thankful for all his former team members from who he learned a lot.
    Where there is unity, there is victory. --Publilius Syrus--

  • Find out Vincent VAUBAN's art

    Vincent VAUBAN has worked for software staffing agencies since 2009. He did several missions for different customers in different activity domains: public sector, industry, banking and retail. Find out more about these missions below.

    Bank & Insurance 🏦💶


    1. Designed API and forms for insurance online subscription
    2. Designed an API for prospect sponsorship
    3. Designed a GDPR solution
    4. Maintained a credit rules engine
    5. Accredited a document engine migration
    6. Designed templates for loans

    Retail 🏪 🛒

    Sport, flowers, furnitures

    1. Developed web-services for lockers
    2. Designed part of a eCommerce solution
    3. Maintained a eCommerce application
    4. Designed a store tasks time calculation application
    5. Maintained a eCommerce website

    Industry 🏭

    Metallurgy, automotive

    1. Maintained a CRM solution
    2. Maintained various applications
    3. Designed a portlet for a car dealer
    4. Designed several HR applications

    Public sector 🚆

    Railway, employment

    1. Maintained a railway infrastructure management system
    2. Developed a sustainable development application
    3. Maintained a training platform for the job seekers