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Personality: How Diversity in Personality Impacts Teams?

Start by mapping your teammates personality

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You can assess team members with the free Myers Briggs personality test:

Read the book "Quiet" of Susan Cain:

  • to get the most of the "Big Five" personality system: Extroversion | Conscientiousness | Agreeableness | Openness to Experience | Emotional Stability
  • to understand the spectrum between extroversion  | ambiversion | introversion (extroverted people preferring more stimulating environments and introverted ones less stimulating environments)

Map your team's personality profile by asking if each is:

  • Extroverted?
  • Open to Exp?
  • Conscientious?
  • Agreeable?
  • Emotionally stable?

Then infer the diversity and the team average on each trait.