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Values-based Diversity in Teams:Personnality

Choose openness, extroversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness

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  1. Task conflict has a strong negative effect on team performance.
  2. Besides task conflict has a positive effect with high team openness.
  3. Same with emotional stability: task conflict has a positive effect with high emotional stability.

Source: Bradley et al., Journal of Applied Psychology, 2013


  1. High confidence and high extroversion increases team creativity.
  2. Same for openness: High confidence and high openness increases team creativity.
  3. If you want creativity, choose opened and extroverted people and build team confidence.

Source: Baer et al., Journal of Creative Behavior, 2008


  1. As conscientiousness increases, so does team performance but the more heterogeneous team conscientiousness is, the worse the team performs.
  2. Same with agreeableness.
  3. So avoid low conscientious and agreeable people to build your team.

Source: Bell, Journal of Applied Psychology, 2007