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Team building

Team building is a process not an event

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  1. In the forming stage of a work team, members are insecure about their roles, their place in the group, and the expectations about their efforts.
  2. To reduce these feelings of insecurity and to get your team members to cooperate effectively, you need to facilitate the process where team members get to know and trust each other – and you.
  3. Stated differently, you need to build your team.
  4. Team-building is often described as the execution of interventions to increase the extent to which a group of individuals functions as a team.


  1. If the team members are not aware of the talents of the others, if they do not trust each other or have not learned how to coordinate, then their individual talents are worthless. Their collective power would not be realised.  
  2. To make sure that team members know and trust each other and learn how to coordinate their talents, team-building is necessary


  1. According to literature, leaders can build teams by developing a group identity through strengthening interpersonal relations.
  2. Strengthening relations can be done rather easily. It can be as simple as having drinks with your work team once in a while. That is, meeting outside the working environment is good for getting to know multiple aspects of an individual.
  3. Learning what your team members are doing and discussing how you can coordinate your talents can be facilitated by frequent team meetings.
  4. Of course, these are some examples. Choose whatever fits you, but continue building your team.
  5. Don’t stop after one drink or one meeting, but do this throughout the life cycle of your team.
  6. Team-building is a process not an event.