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The complexity of our world

Search for an alternative leadership

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The context of leadership can be simple or complex.

The leadership can then also be simple or complex.

If you're at the top of the hierarchy, your world has a pyramid structure such that others depend on you.

But most often, leaders operate in networks.

That means that conflict of interests occurs, your world has then a spaghetti bowl structure.

There are mutual dependencies building your network.

So you can not just give orders and check that your hierarchical subalterns apply your problem solution.

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In such unstructured problem, there is not a right solution but a set of solutions influenced by:

  • your cultural background
  • your political views

The dynamic in the network increases the unstructured effect:

  • one stakeholder may gain power position
  • one stakeholder could lose power position
  • new stakeholder could suddenly emerge

So applying a project management plan in a such changing world is unsuitable.

In the end, you have to search for an alternative leadership.