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Variety and Overlap

Organizational chart is way more complex than it conveys

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Organizational charts

  • Organizational charts are the embodiment of a traditional way of structuring a large organization
  • They communicate the formal relations between organizational members and propose how decisions should be made.
  • Typically the leader is at the top and the structure facilitates some oversight from the top

Vertical and horizontal coordination

  • A standard organization chart emphasizes formal vertical relations
  • But what if a chain of jobs transforming raw materials to half products and then to products is done by multiple people: this is called horizontal coordination
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Informal coordination
Coordination is not always planned for example if a CEO uses public transport rather than a car she may meet a subordinate coincidentally he might be eager to share his ideas about the organization.
Informal coordination events like this leads to a mess:

  • no neat order
  • no oversight,
  • no efficiency
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  • People tasks and coordination efforts tumble over each other
  • There is a lot of overlap
  • All these features impact on a leaders ability to coordinate
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