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10 types of listening responses

Use 'Giving advice', probing, feeling, paraphrasing responses

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Use these types of answers:

  • Giving Advice Response: The listener offers the other person advice on how to deal with the problem, usually based on the listener’s own experiences.
  • Probing Response (Asking Questions): The listener uses questions to seek additional information to better understand the other person’s problem or to help the other person clarify her thoughts.
  • Feeling Response: The listener names the emotion that the other person seems to be expressing, without indicating approval or disapproval.
  • Paraphrasing Response: The listener offers a paraphrase of what the other person is saying, focusing on the meaning of the message.
Avoid these types of answers:
  • Interrupting Response: The listener starts responding before the other person has finished
  • Unrelated Response: The listener changes the subject to something unrelated to what the other person is talking about.
  • Focusing on self response: The listener directs the conversation toward the listener’s own concerns or experiences.
  • Discounting Response: The listener ignores the sender’s feelings or uses clichés to dismiss those feelings.
  • Blaming Response: The listener suggests that the problem is the sender’s fault, that she should have known better, or that she deserved what happened.
  • Evaluative Response: The listener passes judgment on the other person’s behavior. The listener tells her what she did not do, what she should have done, or what she did wrong.
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