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The level of fluency in English can create a worrisome dynamic within teams.

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We often equate level of fluency with expertise and competence dismissing less fluent members.

Source: Research by Sidon Yillah

As a fluent speak of English:

  • Solicit inputs from teammates prior to the meeting
  • Prepare written handouts in advance
  • Adjust your vocabulary and pace of speech
  • Actively engage others in the conversation
  • Refrain from dominating the meeting

Source: Neeley and Kaplan (2014), Neeley (2012)

As a less fluent speaker of English:

  • Resist avoidance behaviors
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare!
  • Ask if people understand what you are saying
  • Ask colleagues to repeat if you missed a point
  • Refrain from switching to native language

Source: Neeley and Kaplan (2014), Neeley (2012)